Thursday, 27 October 2011

Editorial part 2, How to be Conceited.. Rough!!..

A Editorial rough based on a article for the Guardian called How to be Conceited by Guy Browning, article is about self love and being vain so opted for a mirror type idea, though i like the idea and image, although i feel it needs something else to help put out the meaning of the article.. Also though about alternating the colour pallets on the oppersite sides to help suggest mirror
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Monday, 24 October 2011

Go Forward with Spam!!

Final outcome for the advertising project, i added the text and changed the colour of the text boxes using Photoshop, i think it works better. Although my down fall in this project is that the artwork is a little pix-elated, try several attempts at scanning, if anyone has any tips that would be great. Also the image prints out fairly dark even, played around adjusting colour but need more practice..
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Spam update!!,

A couple of WIP images of Spam illustration, not 100% sure of it, and don't like the text, will try and correct on photoshop at uni later.. As well as add spam logo and tin.. in needs the areas were the text is to be a different colour too.
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Friday, 21 October 2011

"Why Small victories matter"

We had to produce a rough for a magazine article "why small victories matter",, i struggled at this project, generating ideas is not an area i am good at, especially in short deadlines..

Monday, 10 October 2011

Summer Project Party.

Final image painted on wood, srtill think need to add a couple of finishing touches to the image..

Summer Project Extention :Party

We was asked to produce a illustrstion incorparating all the charcters based on a Party, including a self portrait in the middle. A couple of working drawings..

Summer Project.

Character in  the style of Gary Basman..

Summer Project

Character in the style of Nate Williams..

Summer Project

Character in the style of Jason Lynch

Summer Project

Character in the style of Gary Taxali..

Summer Project

Character in the style of Tom Gauld, personally think this is the weakest of the characters..

Summer Project

Character in the style of Oliver Jeffers..

Summer Project

Character in the style of Jim Flora..

Summer Project.

During the summer we was asked to produce a series of illustrated characters in the style of seven illustrators.