Thursday, 27 October 2011

Editorial part 2, How to be Conceited.. Rough!!..

A Editorial rough based on a article for the Guardian called How to be Conceited by Guy Browning, article is about self love and being vain so opted for a mirror type idea, though i like the idea and image, although i feel it needs something else to help put out the meaning of the article.. Also though about alternating the colour pallets on the oppersite sides to help suggest mirror
Comments welcomed 


  1. can you fit it into the proportion ok?

    is it actually the same face like a mirror or are they a bit different

    hard to draw a mirror, you have to draw the mirror frame then it's the reflections that tell us its a mirror

    a traditional hand mirror is a good signifier but you have to get it right or it looks like a ping pong bat

  2. Helllo, thank you on the comment, i understand were you are coming from and i have made adjustments to the idea, and trying something a little out of my comfort zone.